Professional Recommendations

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“Jack has done an outstanding job at the Boardwalk Auto Group, transforming and managing the entire group’s online reputation management. They have won the Dealer of the Year award multiple times and it is because of his and his teams ongoing effort and expertise in reputation management.”  December 19, 2012   ~Chip Grueter, President, DealerRater

“Working with Jack Weinzierl has been an incredible experience. In the office, Jack is a great leader who inspires constructive thinking and problem solving. He displayed an infectious level of management that would keep me on my feet, constantly looking for ways to keep improving our Social Media results. Jack would also have an open door to talk strategy and discuss ideas. He played an important role reinforcing a hard work ethic in me and for that, I am grateful.”  December 17, 2012   ~Drew Ginsburg, Boardwalk Auto Group

“There is much to be said about a man which his integrity and selflessness speaks volumes about his values; far before business transactions are entered into the equation. Jack exudes qualities that establish a sound foundation regardless of the purpose, itinerary, or mission. Jack has morals, ethics, and a genuine character; which is very refreshing to work with.”  December 15, 2012  ~Robert Millsap, Boardwalk Porsche

“I have very much appreciated working with Jack over the last year. He has charted a course through solid process, educated his team, and most importantly, motivated them to extraordinary success. His VW store was the first in the country to eclipse the 1,000 review mark. This is a tremendous accomplishment and clear testament to Jack’s vision, leadership, and determination.”  December 14, 2012  ~Ryan Leslie, Director of Dealer Reputation Strategy, DealerRater

“Jack fully understands the value and importance of reputation management and social media which prepares our business for the next generation of buyers and clients.”  December 14, 2012  ~Joey Gabarda, Variable Operations Director, Boardwalk Auto Group

“Jack is one of the most talented individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is extremely thorough and someone you can always count on.”  December 14, 2012  ~Brian Ongaro, Vice President, Boardwalk Auto Group

“Jack has been instrumental in positively expanding the internet footprint of the auto group. He has a very keen understanding of what it takes to get your company noticed on the internet in a way those of us without his background never knew possible.”  December 13, 2012  ~John Hrad, New Car Manager, Lamborghini Dallas

“There is no one I’ve worked with prior to Jack that understands SEO and online reputation management better. He not only understands it, he knows what to do to turn things around. Boardwalk has experienced a complete turn around in both areas during Jack’s tenure. He is always a pleasure to work with and eager to help with small or large issues whenever needed.”  December 13, 2012  ~Jason Lederer, Service Director, Boardwalk Volkswagen of Richardson

“I have enjoyed working alongside Jack in his role as Director of Internet Marketing for Boardwalk Auto Group. Jack has the ability to simplify the complex and get an organization engaged in new social, search and mobile initiatives. He has raised the bar when it comes to automotive marketing and positioning for Boardwalk Auto Group.”  December 12, 2012  ~Cindy Parsons, Corporate Event Planner, Boardwalk Auto Group

“Jack Weinzierl is a forward thinking professional. Jack’s knowledge of online marketing far exceeds anyone that I have come in contact with in my professional career. The impact that Jack has had on the Boardwalk Auto Group is apparent in the growth the dealership group has experienced during his tenure. Jack brings creativity and practicality to his position. Jack’s work ethic is uncompromising and he pushes himself and consistently exceeds expectations.”  December 12, 2012  ~Gary Mayer, Director of Education and Recruiting, Boardwalk Auto Group

“Jack is wonderful to work with. I believe he is by far the best in his field. His work ethic is unsurpassed and inspiring.”  December 12, 2012  ~Mike Marsh, General Manager, Porsche of Plano

“Jack is a tremendous asset to any organization; Jack is a patient teacher and a motivating project manager and director. Jack has the ability to inspire all of the employees who report direct to him as well as those who aspire to be on his team.”  December 10, 2012  ~Delanie Doyle, Executive Assistant, Special Events Coordinator, Boardwalk Auto Group

“Jack’s knowledge of SEO and SEM proved invaluable to us at Boardwalk VW. His understanding of social media and the impact on today’s customer was a driving force in helping establish the dealership as a Top 10 nationally recognized VW dealership in sales volume and a DealerRater “Dealer of the Year” within less than a year. Could not have been done without Jack’s diligence and dedication.”  December 10, 2012  ~Kerry Cardwell, General Manager, Boardwalk Volkswagen